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Dreaming Yoga Workshop

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Dreaming Yoga Workshop

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Apr 03, 12:00 PM EDT – Apr 10, 3:00 PM EDT
SOHAM YOGA, 543 N State Rd 7 #109, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA

About the Event

Dave Costen JR is our guest. Join us in this dream experience!

“I teach people how to naturally reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia. I teach meditation, yoga, and proper breathing techniques. I also teach Lucid Dreaming which is a natural result of regular meditation practice. Lucid dreaming is a powerful self-help tool designed to help identify and remove any self imposed obstacles you have created in your own mind.”

During this 3 hour workshop, we will be practicing Pranayama (breath-work), Yoga Asana (poses), Meditation, and techniques designed to prepare the mind for lucid dreaming. I will demonstrate a lucid dreaming practice as we discover what Tibetan Dream Yoga is, and how it can be used on your path to Self discovery.

When: February 27th, 2021 from 12-3pm. Where: Soham Yoga Studio Address: 543 N State Rd 7 Suite #109, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

Space is LIMITED (19 spots) respecting Physical Distance

In Studio Workshop Bring your Yoga mat, Blanket and pillow $60 Regular Price $55 Early bird

Additional Workshop description:

Pranayama (Breathing)

Thus being established in asana and having control (of the body), taking a balanced diet; pranayamas should be practiced according to the instructions of the guru. Hatha Yoga Pradipika (2:1)

Definition of pranayama = Prana (life force) + Ayama (extension)

Pranayama is intentionally listed first. Breathing is the foundation of our lives, as well as our yoga and meditation practices. We are going to be working on proper breathing in order to control the nervous system, and calm the mind.

Some benefits of practicing pranayama or breath-work include: -Strengthens us against stress and anxiety. -Calms the mind for an introspective/meditative experience. -Complete exchange of air in the lungs -Oxygenates blood. -Releases tension in the chest and abdomen.

+Yoga We will also examine and practice yoga asana (poses) designed to promote deep and restorative sleep. Yoga improves your overall health, heals aches and pains, and can even boost your immune system. Yoga heals and is a natural path to holistic health.

+Some of the top benefits of Yoga: Self management of stress and anxiety Improve flexibility Build muscle strength Increase your blood flow Maintains your nervous system Makes you happier Helps you sleep deeper

+Meditation Once the breath is set, and the body has been moved through various yoga poses, the foundation is set for meditation. We will practice meditation and various techniques that you can have in your toolbox as you deepen your practice.

+Harvard and science has already confirmed that regular meditation: Reduces stress Fosters clear thinking Increases our capacity for empathy and compassion

Some of the top physical and mental benefits of a regular meditation practice are: Improve the immune system Lower high blood pressure Lower the level of blood lactate which reduces anxiety attacks Increase serotonin production and that improves mood and behavior Helps you have a good night sleep Decrease anxiety Improve emotional stability; Be less reactive and overrun by your emotions. Increase happiness, intuition, and creativity Learn presence - letting go of the past, stop worrying about the future, and just be. Optimize your mindset Become more mindful of your breath throughout the day to stay grounded, present, and in the moment. Stop caring what others think

Yoga, meditation, and pranayama lead to what is known as a personal transformation that occurs from the inside out. As you learn to properly breathe, add in some basic yoga movements, and meditate, you are on your healing path.

+Lucid Dreaming The workshop will also teach you how to cultivate a lucid dreaming practice. This can be learned!

Lucid dreaming is not a vivid dream. It is a powerful moment when you enter your dreamworld consciously and you realize you literally take the controls and can manifest anything, go anywhere, and are only limited by your imagination.

+Top Benefits to Lucid Dreaming: -Unlock your creativity and discover your hidden talents -Remove self imposed subconscious obstacles that are keeping you from growing -Have fun and live out your wildest fantasies. You are only limited by your own imagination -Resolve past conscious or hidden trauma. -Boost creativity -Shed addictions -Overcome fears and phobias to heal yourself. -Treat PTSD, personal trauma, and rid yourself of recurring nightmares -Improve performance in sports and at work -Set intentions directly in the subconscious mind.

Then we will take a deep dive into the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice of Dream Yoga, and take Lucid Dreaming to the next level.

+Dream Yoga

Dream yoga is the advanced meditation practice, way beyond lucid dreaming, and is used by the Tibetan buddhists. If the true aim of yoga is to overcome the limitations of the body, and take the inner journey to the soul, then dream yoga is the pathway there. The ancient practice of dream yoga comes from the yogic siddhas, the enlightened ones, and was brought and taught to the Tibetan Yogis in the 8th century AD.

To list the benefits of Dream Yoga is kind of silly. It is the ultimate practice to transcend and experience the death of your ego. It is where yoga and meditation practice led. It opens great secrets within yourself, reveals your innate wisdom, and will reveal to you what you truly are and why you are here. It will help you remember things that you, we, and humanity, have long forgotten. It is the practice of the true spiritual warrior.

Benefits of Dream Yoga: Priceless

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