Yani Daes, RYT 500,

E-RYT 500, YACEP, YIN YOGA 100 hours

REIKI Level I & II

My Mantra:     So 'ham सो ऽहम्   "I am He I am That"
Favorite Pose:  Baddha Konasana    बद्धकोणासन
Favorite Food: Fresh salads
On my free time I like:  Read, enjoy the ocean and connect to the sun

Born in Caracas Venezuela on December 17, 1965,  Yanira began studying Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela.  She is passionate about art, and continued studies of Fashion Design, which supported her way of life for the next 25 years.  At age 47 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and this is where her spiritual awakening became her priority.

Starting Yoga classes to return to her physical life rehabilitation, she was inspired by the teachings of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and culminates RYT  500 hours of teacher training ready to awaken the love for the Yoga that not only changed her life but is now part of her daily practice.

Dave Costen Jr., RYT 200,

Annutara Yoga 300 

My Mantra:   OM  Auṃ or Oṃ, Devanagari: ॐ) is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism, that signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman.  
Favorite Pose:  Sukhasana    बसुखासन
Favorite Food: You are what you eat, I guess I am an acai bowl.
On my free time I like:   Reading, busting through the minds many illusions, spending time with my beautiful family, yoga and meditation.

As an Air Force Veteran, Dave served 11 years honorably all around the world meeting all walks of life. He then thought college would enlighten him, so graduated from Devry with a BS in Computer Information Systems, and spent the next 16 years in the hustle and bustle of corporate America. That constant Beta brainwave environment presented him with 'burnout' and it was a blessing in disguise as he woke up to an opportunity to reinvent himself, or become what he always has been, but just forgot. A passionate yoga and meditation instructor, philosopher, teacher, lecturer and alchemist. "I teach people how to find their off switch."


His personal meditation practice eventually led to lucid dreaming and third eye awakenings. Lucid dreaming goes beyond the theta brainwaves which is where most meditation teachers stop. Theta is a blissful place, but you can go further and enter delta REM sleep, and find yourself with clear perception and understanding in your dreams. Delta meditations are done within the realm of your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is also the gateway to the universal mind, or as Carl Jung called it, the collective unconscious. Tibetan Buddhists call this nighttime meditation practice dream yoga, and it has been practiced for thousands of years as a full path to enlightenment. These teachings come from the Buddha and in the 8th century AD they were brought to Tibet by the Buddha Siddha Yogis, or the enlightened ones. Think of dream yoga as lucid dreaming, but with the higher spiritual purpose of Self discovery. This is the topic he loves to share in his lecture series, workshops or at some random time and place.

Jessica Orejanera, RYT-200

REIKI Master 

My Mantra:  Om Mani Padme hum/the protector from danger and the representation of compassion 
ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ
Favorite Pose:  Camatkarasana is translated as the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.
Favorite Food: Pasta and salad

I am originally from Venezuela, I’m passionate for animals, and love vegetarian food. I have always loved sports and practiced for many years tennis but with time I felt that something was missing (back then I did not know what was it ) Yoga came into my life 8 years ago, when  my second son was born, completely transforming my perception and finding a perfect unification of what I was looking for.  

I started practicing Vinyasa Yoga and then I also became passionate about Yoga for children, taking my first international certification with Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2014 in Caracas, Venezuela and started teaching classes for children and families.

Moved into the United States 4 years ago, my passion for Yoga kept growing and in 2016 I decided to take my 200-hour teacher certification with Yoga Alliance as a Power Vinyasa instructor in Colorado.  Graduated as a Reiki Teacher in 2008, I share my love and passion to help my community.


 I am passionate about partnering in the process of the transformation of being from being, I love to connect with the energy in my classes and I enjoy the processes one by one, I feel an infinite gratitude and my desire is to continue to evolve in this lifetime. 

aerial Fitness

Nune Arevshatyan,

RYT-200, Aerial Yoga Certified Coach, TRX Suspension Training, REP’s UAE Level 3
NASM Personal Trainer, Breakletics Certified Coach, Sup yoga Certified Teacher, 

TOA Certified Coach

My Mantra:   Energy flows where your intention goes 
Favorite Pose:   Hanumanasana : expresses the expansiveness possible when devotion is in the heart—the sense that you can overcome any obstacle when your yearning to help is combined with reverence and respect, as well as an intense and fiery devotion. In Hanumanasana you strive to reach much further than seems humanly possible.
Favorite Food: Pescatarian diet 
On my free time I like:  Morning runs, watching sunsets, Night walks by the beach, Reading, dancing, arts.
Born in Armenia, Yerevan, November 22nd, 1990.
Former gymnast, kinesiologist, certified yoga teacher and personal trainer, who finds her passion in helping people to move better. 
Why Aerial Yoga?
Yoga helps me to be centered and balance my energy flows. 
I love to help people understand their body, be aware of what's going on in external and internal layers.
Aerial yoga is the practice not just for my physical body but for my soul. In my teaching practice i like to bring the joyful and fun part into the class, while working the whole kinetic chin, activating all the muscles from head to toes.